Privacy Policy

We, VUMI Bangladesh Ltd, commit to the safekeeping of your personal information. To acquire your continuous services, we may collect and sometimes disclose your information if needed. We are providing you with the details of our policies along with options you can choose from when it comes to the collection and utilization of your information, to strengthen your privacy. We strongly advise all the registered users of VUMI Bangladesh Ltd’s website, (hereinafter referred to as “the website”) and the “VUMI Bangladesh App” (hereinafter referred to as “the app”) to read and acknowledge our Privacy Policies used to regulate our website and app, as you will be agreeing to our terms and conditions by accessing our website and app which will provide us the authorization to collect, store and utilize your information provided herein. We strongly recommend that you do not access our website and app if you do not agree to our privacy policies/ terms and conditions, which include the policies/guidelines for the collection and use of your personal information. If you have any questions or complaints about our Privacy Policies, please do not hesitate to let us know via VUMI Bangladesh Ltd.'s official mailing address at


The following terms, “We”, “Ours”, “Ourselves”, “Our” & “Us” refers to the creators of this privacy policy. The following terms, “You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, “They” and “User” refer to the natural and legal individuals who use the Website. The term “Website” refers to the official website of VUMI Bangladesh Ltd., created by VUMI Bangladesh Ltd. The term “App” refers to VUMI Bangladesh Ltd.’s official app created by VUMI Bangladesh Ltd. The term “Personal Information” refers to any personally identifiable information that We may collect from You. The term “Third Party/ Third Parties” refers to any website, organization, or individual apart from the user and the creator of the Website.


We ensure to respect your personal information online. Any required personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”), you share with us, we dedicatedly acknowledge the need to preserve and protect your information. The information which we regard as your personal information includes but is not limited to, your name, contact information, email address, and address. To purchase any product from our website or app, you need to provide us with the following information but not limited to, your name, email address, bank details, address, contact information, date of birth, the organization you work in, or which college or university you study in, subjects, department; designation. Our Privacy Policy also includes the collection of information from users who have not registered or signed up on our website or app such as for the reasons of but not limited to surfing/ browsing or viewing our page, etc. Our website and app may ask permission to get linked to your social media platforms and collect your information directly from there if you have granted permission for the linkage.


We reserve the right to make any amendments to the website's or app's Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy at any time as we deem fit, without any notification to our users. Continuation of usage of our website and app by the users or visitors will refer to the acceptance of our amendments. We strongly recommend all the users or visitors immediately terminate the use of our website and app, if you cannot come to terms with the amendments made. Before proceeding towards sign-up, pre-registration, and registration on our website and app, you must go through and acknowledge all our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The continuous usage of our website and app will signify your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy with or without changes.


We may provide links to external sites (Third Party Sites) which are not managed by VUMI Bangladesh Limited as we deem fit, for your benefit and interest. We ensure to protect and not disclose your personal information to these external sites unless bound to do so on a lawful basis. We do not take any responsibility for the Privacy Policies of these external sites. If you choose to click on any of the external links, we recommend you to go through their Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions before sharing your personal information to comprehend how these Third-Party Sites will collect and utilize your personal information.


The information of your personal data will only be collected through our Website and App for the sole purpose specified by us and for any other suitable purposes. To successfully gain our services, you would need to provide us with but not limited to your valid name, contact information including valid email address, mobile number, address, demographic information, and consent to the acknowledgment of our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy. While providing your information, we may automatically acquire the information which includes but may not be limited to your computer/ mobile browser information, IP address, and the URL of your previous and upcoming site visits. In addition, we will collect information relevant to your academic & professional interests and background, along with bank transaction related details, age and gender during pre-registration, sign-up and registration. We will utilize your information from time to time in order to provide you with our services, for marketing promotions and send important notifications, mails or messages. Anyone or anything trying to have access to our website and app credentials with information which matches with your personal information and password, will be granted. Therefore, we advise you to sign-in to our website and app with your own personal information and credentials to have proper and full access to our services and help us to record your information correctly. We will not withhold your personal information any longer than necessary for the purpose of which we have collected and processed your information. The retention time of your personal data will depend on the purpose of collection, utilization and conform to applicable laws and to authenticate, practice or safeguard our legal rights.


To store your website or browser preferences and collect your data, our website and app might use a device known as cookies. With the help of cookies which are small files in your hard disk, we will be able to easily provide you with tailor-made services and certain features to make your browsing experience better with relevant to your browsing interest. Additionally, we will be able to identify registered or logged in users through the use of cookies. Furthermore, third party vendors can provide you with your interest relevant products or services through ads. You will be able to opt out of the usage of cookies by manually changing the cookies options in your phone/ laptop or computer.


You further acknowledge that contents or information of our website and app may be confidential by us and that you will not disclose it anywhere or to anyone without our written consent, if even that is provided as an option. Therefore, your information is also valued as confidential to us. We ensure to not share, sell or rent your information to any third party, nor will we utilize your email address for unnecessary mails. We will only mail you in regards to utmost relevance of our consented products and services.


To us, your personal data/information is a precious asset which needs to be protected and kept away from being disclosed within the wrong hands of members within our company as well as outside the company. We have certain rules and regulations along with an IT team to ensure the safety and protection of your personal data. However, as the internet is not 100% safe from interventions and data hacking, we cannot fully guarantee the safeguard of your personal data if there are any breeches within our system from an undetectable outside interference. We strongly recommend all our website and app users to avoid sharing sensitive information to other users and are rather encouraged to do it if needed be, offline via private emails, phone calls or through safe platforms. Our policy of protection when it comes to the transition of your personal information during and after receiving it, is generally accepted industry standards. Therefore, we will not take any responsibility of information breech which is beyond our protection policy standards and capabilities. Thus, we cannot guarantee that your other personally identifiable information and private communications provided to us or shared with us will never be disclosed in ways not described in our Privacy Policy. You acknowledge the fact that although we ensure to protect your personal information provided to us by you, we cannot assure that your privacy will be protected at all times. Furthermore, you, as a user of our website and app, is aware of and acknowledge to take sole responsibilities of what you do on our website, app, internet, on your devices and anywhere else relevant.


We will cooperate with third parties if law enforcement is needed as well as with any law enforcement inquiries. That being the case, during any lawful investigation, we can share your personal information with the law officials or government bodies as we deem necessary or appropriate for any but not limited to illegal, fraud or infringement liability. Your personal information is safe with us and might only be shared with our company affiliates, team, our parents or subsidiaries who are committed to solely providing you with your online requirement and relevant services, all around the world. In addition, in case of being acquired by or merged with any other business entity in the future, you can expect us to transfer or share your personal information provided to us by you in order to provide our continuous services. If such an event or situation takes place, we will notify our website and app users who are registered through an announcement in our website, app or public platform.


A two-step alternative dispute resolution method will be used to settle all claims brought up by this policy, including but not limited to claims about compensation, refunds and rights negotiation. The first step includes reconciliation through a mediator/ middleperson. If a dispute arises, the subject will be initially tried to be handled by a solo mediator, who is a neutral third person and will be chosen once both sides agree on a suggested mediator. Both parties can suggest a name for solo mediator, and if both parties agree, the recommended name will be appointed as the sole mediator. In case, if the parties cannot come to an agreement within the two recommended mediators, the Company maintains the right to choose the final mediator as deemed fit. The mediator's judgment is not binding on both parties, but the parties will strive to abide by it in good faith. The second step includes the negotiation/ arbitration process. If mediation fails to produce a satisfactory or favored outcome for either party, arbitration may be used, with the award binding on both parties. The Arbitration Board will be made up of three members, one appointed by each side and the third by mutual consent of the two appointed members. The arbitration will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The arbitration proceedings will be conducted in English. Both parties are obligated by the arbitrator's ruling once it is issued. If alternative dispute resolution fails to resolve the problem, the case would be taken before a Dhaka court.


For any kind of questions, help, support, comments or complains, you can contact us via email at